Family collaboration

This morning we all came upstairs together. A couple of days ago Ted and I had sorted through the mountain of clean laundry and made piles for me, for him, for Hazel, and for the babies. We gave Hazel her pile, and I asked her to take it into the bedroom and sort it into categories. When she was done Ted checked, and then she asked him to help her put them away. He did. He and I got our clothes put away too. I realized that I have, in the past few years, tried hard to arrange our schedule so that we’d do all our chores during the week so as to have the weekend entirely free for other things. That approach doesn’t really work, though. Our weeks are full.

And honestly, there is something deeply satisfying about doing some of the household work together. It really brings home that we are all responsible, in our various ways, for the running of the house and family. It feels collaborative. Hazel enjoyed completing her part of it. (I know, she won’t always!)

The takeaway for me is that shared work can be deeply satisfying, can contribute to contentment and togetherness in relationships, and can even be fun. We don’t have to shy away from it. Of course, pure entertainment is good too. Ted and I are looking forward to the day, after this time of remodeling prep & house org is over, that we can go see a movie together when our nanny comes. But I think we’ll keep the weekend laundry project. I can keep running loads throughout the week. If there’s time, Hazel can help me sort them into piles. And then we can fold and put it all away when all five of us are together.

Yeah, it’s true, we live an exciting life.


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