the dentist, house work, and the sleep consultant

This morning I had the first filling of several that I’ll be needing. It’s a bummer to go from having quite good teeth for years to needing multiple fillings. I am sure that all the cough drop consumption of the past few years has not helped my teeth, along with the hormonal changes brought by pregnancy, birth, and breast-feeding. I need to buy and stick with xylitol cough drops from now on. And I need to be better about brushing really regularly. All this being an adult sometimes is a serious pain in the butt. The price of not growing up in this area, however, is too great to both my dental health and my pocketbook, so I suppose I’ll just have to grin and bear it. (Perhaps I should add a tagline to the blog that all puns are intended…)

After my appointment I went along to the coffee shop to pick Ted up, who’d been working there. We came home and got to work on the basement. We’ll have more time tomorrow, as well as all day Friday and Saturday, and half of Sunday to work on it. It’s daunting. The next Goodwill run will be satisfying, though. Every time we take a load of stuff away we feel lighter.

The sleep consultant came over in the late afternoon. Though I still find it hard to believe that our sleep issues are resolvable, her faith that they are is comforting. The first things we have to do are get the daytime schedule more regular, and add a bedtime routine that is longer and composed of more steps than simply me nursing the babies to sleep.

So, this evening I typed up an evening schedule. One nice thing about what she told us is that we should allow for flex in our schedule, that sticking to a timeline like a couple of martinets is not helpful. So, the schedule I created isn’t written in stone, but is a guideline. I find it amusing that some of what we did with Hazel, in terms of not bothering with pj’s, set bedtimes, naptimes, set routines, etc. is simply not possible with the twins. Rather than getting more relaxed with our second (and third) kid, we have to get more structured. I find it amusing, because otherwise I might sniffle and moan.

Consequently, we are going to add a 30 minute pre-bedtime winding down period for the twins, consisting of taking them upstairs, changing them into pj’s, playing with them in a dimly lit room, singing to them, and reading to them before we take them into the bedroom to get them down.

Additionally, we’re going to establish the pattern for the day our consultant suggested, which is that the first nap occurs two hours after waking up in the morning; the second nap occurs three hours after waking up from the first nap; there is a short third nap if necessary in the late afternoon; and bedtime occurs four hours after waking up from the second nap.

Doing all that is plenty to begin with. She says that we’ll wait to start working on teaching the babies specific sleep skills until the daytime routine is going. And after night times are better, then we work on the actual naps. It’s a multi-week process.

This evening Ted and I skipped more work on the basement in favor of going and picking up a few things for the playroom upstairs, including a shelf for Hazel’s things, a clock, and a light for the table. It was nice to get outside, have a bite of dinner, and a chance to hang out together. The basement awakes our attention on the morrow.
4-y-o Hazel and 1-y-o twins sleep schedule


2 thoughts on “the dentist, house work, and the sleep consultant

  1. garyes805 says:

    Where have you found xylitol cough drops? I’m looking for something like Ricola, but sweetened by xylitol.

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