Great lessons, shopping with Hazel, household chores

Two of my students had breakthrough lessons today. That is not a regular occurrence, since learning does involve a reasonable amount of slogging. But it is delightful and satisfying for them and for me when it does happen. Those lessons were back-to-back, which made for a very nice start to the day. Then I had a Pilates session, to which I brought Hazel. She drew contentedly on a big piece of paper that my Pilates teacher unrolled for her. After that I took her out for a quick lunch, and then we went home, where our backup nanny (our regular nanny was out of town) did an even quicker lunch for the babies before I went down for nap with all three kids.

The babies didn’t sleep for that long, so I took them downstairs and let Hazel sleep. They were in a really good mood. There was lots of cooing and giggling. I dropped shapes into the wooden cage puzzle, and that served to thoroughly amuse them both, especially Emily. I managed to get video of Joanna making some of her most charming sounds, and was thrilled to capture those. After another hour or so Hazel woke up and came downstairs. She told me that she’d been really tired and needed the sleep. She came and sat in my lap, and I read her a story and then sang a silly song (“The ants go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah”) during which our late afternoon nanny showed up. Hazel and I raced off to the store where we did a rapid-fire shop (less fun for her, but next time we’ll take a more leisurely trip) and got back home just in time for my three evening lessons. Ted cooked up one of our standards, a bunch of turkey sausages, causing me to experience gustatory uproar. He took the kids for a walk during my last lesson, and I took the opportunity to snag one of those sausages so I could continue to concentrate.

Then there was a bit of drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, followed by Hazel’s bedtime routine, during which I fed the twins. This week we’ve been submitting a sleep diary for each baby each day. That has been instructive, as it has been showing us various patterns we hadn’t really been completely aware of, and suggested to us various changes we might want to make. Wednesday we meet with the sleep specialist, and we’ll be interested to find out what of those changes are on her agenda for us, if any.

We managed to get two dishes cooked after Hazel was asleep, and I fed the babies yogurt and blueberries. They were very wriggly when we brought them up to go to sleep, but they did calm down with a bottle. And now, as usual, I am writing my blog post to the accompaniment of wave sounds produced by the Sleep Sheep, relatively gentle snoring from Ted, and the occasional squeak or rustle from Hazel or the babies.

I’m going to play 10 minutes of scrabble and then attempt to join the sleeping contingent of my family in slumber, hoping desperately that I can get to sleep soon enough to get a reasonable chunk of sleep before the first awakening on the part of the twins.


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