PT, friends & family

Today I had a PT appointment. My knee is getting better. I really do have to get better at doing my exercises more frequently, but even with what I do manage to get in, it is starting to stabilize. I have lost muscle; when I use the inner quads you can really see the difference between my right and left knees. But I am pretty confident that it will come back. I will be happy when I can run up and down stairs again.

Then a friend came for a visit. Ted got all three kids down for a nap, and my friend and I ran an errand together (getting a couple of storage things for the new upstairs playroom) and had lunch. Then I bundled all three kids into the car and went to see my sister and niece, recently returned from the UK. We had a good time. Hazel and her cousin did quite well together. There was no fighting. And the babies explored the many fascinating things on the floor and in the toy bins. It was good to see them. It’s been a long time.

After that Ted and I managed some dinner, put one of the storage bins together, filled out umpty-billion forms for the sleep specialist, and bought his & Hazel’s tickets for their trip to see my mother-in-law. By that time the babies were crying hard – we pushed their bedtime too late. oops. Now everyone is asleep, and I want to be too, so that’s it for today.


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