Life’s necessities, music, kids

Water and sleep. The necessities. I think I am going to have to go into survival mode for a while. My system can’t take much more of these fragmented 4-hour nights. I have to go to bed earlier so that I have a chance to get a couple of hours of zz’s before the babies wake up for the first time.

And my doc says I’m dehydrated (she ran some blood tests). So I need to do what I did when I was pregnant; get out my giant 24-oz water bottle and drink it down four times a day. Breastfeeding does use up fluids & other nutrients, so I need to keep supplementing my body while I’m still outputting so much.

I played a concert tonight. It was eclectic, music by four different composers. As always, there were fun people to play with, great musicians whose work and talent I appreciate so much. I feel lucky to have art in my life, as my profession. There is a wonderful set of overlapping music communities in the Pacific Northwest. The collaborative possibilities are many and varied. It’s a good place to live.

One of the composers helped me get back to my house (he carried the three stands and I carried the cello). On the way, he asked if I play for my kids. The question made me think. They hear me practicing, but I don’t actually get out the cello and play tunes for them. I think I should. There’s a song in the back of one of Hazel’s books that she’s asked me more than once to play for her. I think I’ll do it tomorrow.


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