Hazel rides, obnoxious gender marketing

Balance bikes work! At least, in our case Hazel’s has worked so well. She’s had one for about half a year, and has taken to a pedal bike so easily now, having learned to balance and coast on her Skuut. It only took her two days (yesterday and today), to begin riding on her own. I was working, but Ted and our nanny took the kids to the park this evening. After getting some help from Ted, Hazel took off, riding circles around the basketball hoop for more than a minute. She steered fine, even while looking around and talking. I am astounded. She also rode home. She’s got a sweet ride, an orange 12-inch Raleigh. And what’s amazing to me is that even though the bike is listed as being a boys’ bike, Hazel can still ride it! /snark.

In fact, we got it because it was the only 12-inch in the store. But we would have gotten it anyway. If you look at the Raleigh site, the girls’ bike in their 12-inch section is a pink a step-through design called “Cupcake”. The orange one Hazel got goes by the much more manly name of “MXR Micro”. The marketing and deliberate polarization of genders makes me sick to my stomach, but I’m glad that Hazel likes her bike.

Today she also got up and swung on the monkey bars by herself for the first time. Ted said he looked up and was amazed to see her going from rung to rung. I cannot believe how fast she’s growing up.

Ok, babies crying. Time to sign off…


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