A crazed rush and whale watching

Yesterday, after a certain amount of discussion, we decided to go on a whale-watching trip that left from Plymouth, which is pretty close to where we’re staying. After the discussion, it was time for the babies’ morning nap, so I took them upstairs and nursed them to sleep. When we got up, there were only about 20 minutes left before we intended to leave, so I experienced a sort of time dilation wherein things started to move faster and faster until, suddenly, the house was empty of people other than my family and me. We packed up, got the babies in the car, and took off. We got about 4 minutes down the road and realized…. Oops, we forgot the nursing pillow. We went back.

“No, let’s keep going! They’ll leave without us!” – Hazel.

Ted ran in and grabbed the pillow and the nursing hider. The babies were screaming by now. Ted came back out, jammed the stuff in the car, and we took off. When we got to the same spot as our previous turnaround, Ted spoke up.

“We don’t have the diaper bag.”

“Argh,” I said. And I said some other things, under my breath. We went back. When we left again, we had about 12 minutes in which to complete a 10 minute drive. The babies continued to scream. I called my friend P to tell him we were on our way. My friend M called to see what had happened to us. P called to tell us about the parking situation. I was unable to process anything with the babies screaming.

To make a long story shorter, we did finally arrive. Ted parked the car. The nice lady at the bottom of the gangway took a family picture. I haven’t seen it yet, but if we’re all smiling in it, the pic will not fairly represent the emotional tone at that moment.

Once on the boat we figured out that we could use jackets put on backwards to help support the babies. Tucked inside the nice warm, fuzzy, cozy interior, Joanna quickly fell asleep. She slept for a record four hours, the entire duration of the trip.

We went for a long way to get to the whale feeding grounds. A grin quickly plastered itself on my face. There’s little I love more than the breeze and spray on my face while I stand on the bow of a boat. We traveled into fog, and wondered if we were going to actually see whales, given that visibility was so low. But we did. The fog cleared up, and spent quite a while watching a Humpback whale named Nile surface and dive. We also saw a Finback later on, and that whale wound up quite close to our boat. Very thrilling. There was also a glimpse of a Minke whale, though I didn’t catch it.

Hazel ran around, talking to everyone on the boat. I think all the kids saw at least one of the whales. P got some great footage. I took a few pics, but mostly just held Joanna. This morning I woke up with sore arms, and wondered why for a moment, until I remembered that I’d held her for four straight hours.

Last night I was so tired I felt drugged. I would have slept like a log, except for the babies’ frequent wakings, but Ted kindly took them downstairs around 8 am this morning, and I snoozed for another hour and a half. That was lovely.

Now various people are playing Apple to Apple. I’ve never played it, and it sounds amusing. I think maybe I’ll wrap here, and join the game.


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