PT, kids’ clothes, laundry

My physical therapist taped up my knee during my session this morning. It makes a big difference! My kneecap isn’t tracking properly. When it’s taped suddenly I feel a solidity there I haven’t in months. It’s not completely all better, but the difference is remarkable. He also gave me a couple more exercises I can do when I’m with the kids. And that, I think, is the answer to my PT dilemma. Rather than setting aside discrete times to do the exercises, I can mostly do them when I’m with my kids. I can stand on one leg, do clamshells, etc. There will be commentary, and it might be harder to do a bridge with a single leg lift when I’m laughing, but that’s ok. It’s a risk I’m willing to take for the good of my knee.

This morning I took the kids over to a used clothing & kid paraphernalia store to get summer things for Hazel. We have been able to get away with not buying her new sandals thus far, because it has been fairly cool here in the Pacific Northwest. Soon, though, we’re going to be on the other coast, and she’ll need lighter clothing. Shopping is a bit more complicated when you’ve got twins in a stroller whom you’re trying to keep happy while also picking out items for your four-year-old who really wants to play with the toys in the store. Though the latter helps, because that means that, at this stage of the game anyway, I can just go through the offerings and make choices as quickly as possible. A helpful store clerk found the one pair of shoes that would fit Hazel and was not pink. I found a few sun blocking clothes for the babies, and we were off.

This afternoon our nanny took the kids to a spray park to enjoy the water while Ted and I finally folded the Everest of laundry that’s been sitting on various surfaces in the various rooms on our second floor. We also did 90% of the packing for our trip. After our experiences in St. Louis and Boulder, in which it took us over two hours to get out of the airport, we’re taking as little as possible this time. We’ll have a total of two regular roll-on carry-on suitcases, two backpacks, Hazel’s carry-on, and possibly a diaper bag, and that is it! We’ll have to do laundry several times while we’re away, but that’s ok. This way we can get in and out of the airport much more efficiently, and that will be good.

It is a sign of how busy we are that Ted and I just realized tonight that our anniversary is Monday. That is the day that the Rat Man will be working on our house. I have students in the morning and evening. So, before our nanny left I asked her if she could stay three hours longer than usual. She could. That means that in the middle of the day we’ll be able to sneak away for a celebratory lunch.


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