Sisters, spa, pulling up

Today we had two sets of sisters sitting at the table for breakfast: my mom and aunt, and my sister and me. I came back from my PT appointment and found my mom in her bathrobe making eggs and bacon. Her bathrobe is a batiked pattern that’s got white dots & splotches on a dark blue background. All of her grandchildren love it. Emily and Joanna grab it, examine it, and put it in their mouths.

About halfway through breakfast, the twins were done and sleepy, so our nanny took them out for their morning walk/nap. When I told Hazel she was going to meet up with them after breakfast, she started pitching a fit. I am proud of myself. I didn’t argue, stopped engaging with it. And having no one to argue with, Hazel backed off. Yippee!

Then the sisters went to the spa together. Warm water, relaxation, good massages, yummy food = lovely day.

And when we came home, our nanny told us that Joanna had pulled herself up this afternoon, all the way to both feet. A momentous occasion. Emily decided Joanna wasn’t going to one-up her, and started trying to climb the side table. Here we go! It’s on!


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