Aunt in town, teething, downtime

My aunt arrived today for a week’s visit. We celebrated by going out to dinner at a lovely restaurant that’s a favorite of ours. (Though we’ve almost stopped going out to eat when company isn’t in town – too complicated with the twins. It’s so much easier when we have multiple adults who can share baby-holding.) Dinner was delicious, and all three kids ate very well. The twins got some of my mom’s scallops, extremely fancy and tasty food for babies. Joanna sat happily in a high chair next to me, asking politely for another bite with quiet chirps when I took too long to provide it. Emily wanted to be held, so Ted fed her in his lap, and she stayed happy all through the meal. My mom and aunt smile and laugh a lot when they’re together, and it’s a pleasure to be around. Tonight’s dinner was all you want a communal meal to be: good conversation, wonderful food, and love woven all through.

After we got home Emily starting getting fussy again, and by the time we came upstairs she was crying hard, almost screaming. Fortunately, I was able to calm her by nursing her, and then Ted followed up with a bottle. I think she’s asleep now. Poor baby, I think she’s teething, as well as getting over Roseola. I hope that she’ll sleep well tonight. Before we’d gotten them upstairs, my aunt was treated to the stereo-baby effect, in which one or both of the twins was crying. Moments like those make me very grateful that they’re both usually pretty happy. When I was pregnant, Ted and I used to shake in our boots in fear, wondering if we were going to get two colicky babies. We’re very grateful that is not the case.

Tomorrow, my mom, aunt, sister and I are going to go to the spa together. And our nanny is going to work a longer day than usual so that Ted can take the day off as well. He’ll also take most of Saturday, and meet us for dinner. He’s more than earned it, taking care of the kids solo all through my crazy concert-prep time.


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