PT, family visiting

Physical Therapy = transforming “that looks easy!” to “OMG” every day. One thing I have to do is stand on one leg for 30 to 60 seconds, three to five times per set. I’m also supposed to stand on one leg with my eyes closed. I got through three sets of 30 seconds each, barely. I didn’t even try to close my eyes.

Tonight Hazel got up on the drawing table to examine my exercise sheet (which is currently on the magnet board above the table).
“Are these your exercises?”
“Oh, I do that one too!” Then, pointing to the exercise described above, “I was just doing that!” And that is true, as she was just hopping about on one leg.

And tonight when Ted and I came up Hazel came into the bathroom with me (it’s highly unusual for her to wake up that late), and then got into bed with me while I was feeding the twins.
“Mommy, when all your concerts are done can we pick a night where I can sleep with you all night long?”


Tomorrow my aunt arrives, yippee! She and my mom tend to be a two-person giggle machine when they’re together, and I’m looking forward to a few days of that fun energy. This time we’ll have the benefit of Hazel and the twins to amp it up even more. And now Hazel is going to have not just one, but two people to come down and snuggle with in the morning.


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