Twins’ first year checkup, cooking, writing, tantrum

Today Emily and Joanna had their one-year well-child appointments. Ted and my mom wanted to come, so we all went, including Hazel. They’re doing well, thriving and growing. And Joanna is now heavier than Emily, by a pound or a bit more. She’s 18 lbs 6 oz, and Emily is 16 lbs 13 oz. Of course, with people so little the number you get in any given minute can be different depending on when they’ve eaten and/or eliminated. So the fact that Emily was weighed before I fed her and Joanna after probably accounts for at least a few of those ounces of difference. Nonetheless, Joanna is no longer the little one. And that’s good. She eats like a champ. Emily likes to imitate a chipmunk and store food in her mouth. We do have to balance letting her feed herself with spoon-feeding her just to make sure she gets the necessary calories.

We decided to have them draw some blood to check anemia and lead levels, since we live in an old house that does still have some lead paint in it (we’re redoing things a bit at a time). Hazel said she didn’t want to stay, so my mom took her out into the waiting room while the babies were being poked. I was glad that Hazel was able to speak up and tell us what she wanted. And she did make out well, coming home with a bunch of stickers and some cool band-aids she wanted.

After lunch we tried an experiment we won’t repeat, which was to give the twins a bath together in the kitchen sink. They’re too big, too curious, and too good at grabbing everything in sight. Still, it was fun. My mom and I bathed them together. Next time we’ll use the bath tub, and then Hazel can get in too.

After nap, she and my mom made Moroccan chicken. Tomorrow my mom and I will do some more cooking so we have the week’s food available.

Tonight I got back to my writing group for the first time in ages. I felt pretty disconnected from my book, but did gradually work my way back into it and figured out some more of the plot as well as writing down most of a new scene. Also, I found out that one of my writing buddies is pregnant with twins. We’re going to get together so I can pass along my experience and thoughts on the whole thing, for whatever it will be worth to her.

Before I left, though, Ted and I spent an hour and a half in the basement, breaking down boxes. This is a good object lesson for us. From now on we are changing our ways. No more mounds of cardboard in the basement! I even found a onesie we hadn’t managed to get out of the box it was sent in. It’s too small now, so will become a gift for someone else, I’m sure. So we made another dent in the enormous project. It is now possible to see across the basement to the window on the opposite wall. And the cardboard is in the station wagon, awaiting a trip to the recycle portion of the dump tomorrow.

And between the basement project and my departure to go write, Hazel threw a gargantuan fit. I did not lose my cool, but I did spend too much time engaging with her. She deserves one full explanation, but after that it’s just a power struggle. I don’t need to answer the same question 50,000 times, or even 5. Eventually, Ted and my mom got the kids outside, and then it was better. Outside is good. Sometimes outside air is enough to fix everything. It’s so easy to get emotionally and energetically stuck inside. Something for me to try to remember the next time things are going south.


One thought on “Twins’ first year checkup, cooking, writing, tantrum

  1. stlgeekwoman says:

    Hazel mixed the M chicken spices!

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