physical therapy, dinner out

Today I had a Physical Therapy appointment. My knee has not been getting better, and sometimes it feels like it’s getting worse. It’s time to take more direct measures. It was good to get in and see my PT guy. He says that there’s too much sideways play in my knee, and that we need to stabilize it, and strengthen the muscles around it, including the inner quad. I have four exercises to do. I have not been good in the past about doing exercises consistently, but I am confident that this time I’ll prioritize it sufficiently to get them done. This is really important. If my knee is out I can’t do much comfortably, and it’ll impact the rest of my body, too. I want to be able to ride my bike, to hike, to move things around the house, and to go up and down stairs easily. So, starting tomorrow morning I’ll be standing on one foot, lying prone and lifting one leg in the air, sliding my knee toward and away from me, and doing bridges every day before breakfast. PT has helped me significantly before, and I know it can again.


This evening Hazel went grocery shopping with Ted. When I was done teaching my mom suggested going out for dinner, so we walked down to a yummy local sushi joint. She treated us to a fantastic, tasty meal which was also Emily and Joanna’s first sushi experience. They dug it. Joanna liked to grab onto the chop sticks and help when Grandma fed her. The twins enjoyed themselves, looking around at everyone and everything. And once they started getting restive, it was time to pay up and walk home through the flower-scented, Pacific Northwest evening air.

When we got back Grandma gave Hazel a bath. It sounded from the living room like everyone involved was enjoying herself. Ted and I had a somewhat rare chance to talk.

Tomorrow, we’ll cook.


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