Twins’ birthday party

Today a landscaper/gardening person came by in the morning to look at our jungle/back yard. We made quite a bit of progress on it a couple of years ago, but then I got pregnant with the twins, and many things came to a screeching halt. In the intervening time everything we’d been working on removing has come back with a vengeance, and more. Before we play with the kids back there a lot of things need to be taken care of. We now have nightshade growing in the middle of the lawn. Additionally, there is a mostly-dug-but-never-completed trench for root barrier for the bamboo we put in when we moved into the house, *cough cough* seven years ago. So, we have to get some help, as all our spare time is going to be occupied for the next few months in preparing for the fall construction of my studio-to-be. It will be wonderful to have a functional back yard again.

After that, Ted took Hazel to run some errands, and I took the twins on a long walk for their morning nap. I ran into a very large group of people walking to support a cause, and in the effort to pass them up I wound up walking quite quickly for about 40 minutes. So I have to thank them, because I got more exercise than I anticipated today. The twins slept a good long while. When I was about three quarters of the way along on my walk I started hearing little Joanna coos emanating from the stroller, and knew they’d woken up.

Ted and Hazel got home not too long after we did, so we all had lunch together, and then we all napped together, which was lovely. I love seeing our daughters’ little heads on Ted’s shoulder. Hazel nestled up to Ted and I nursed the babies, and we all snoozed.

After nap was the twins’ first birthday party. I ordered a birth-to-18 memory book for each of them, called, “It’s My Birthday: A Celebration Of My First 18 Years“. They arrived today. They’re great, including places for pictures, as well as a sheet for each birthday party and each year. And because they’re 3-ring binders, you can easily add your own stuff too. I had a plan for each party guest to sign the books, but forgot to get sufficiently organized about it in the moment, so only one of our friends did. However, Grandma and other friends are around and can add messages soon. And I think Hazel wants to include a picture or message of her own. We’ll do that tomorrow.

We had tea, with berries, pudding, cupcakes, cheese & crackers. The twins had their first desert; a quarter cupcake each. Joanna, who has a sweet tooth, devoured hers. We got a few obligatory funny pics with cake-decorated babies. Then we went to the park so Hazel and her cousin could blow off some steam. This worked well until there was a big mutual melt-down, which ended with my sister and niece having to go home. Hazel has been having a hard time lately, what with us being so busy and processing Satchmo’s loss. She has less margin than usual. And she and her cousin both hate to be tattled on and love to tell the adults what the other one is doing wrong, so in certain moods they tend to really set each other off. Up until the end, though, they did very well together. And Hazel did ultimately calm down. She went off to play with some other kids in the sandbox after her cousin was gone.

Then we went and had dinner with my mom and her two dear friends who were up for a visit today. It was nice to hear about their family and my mom’s history with them. The babies enjoyed some polenta, and Hazel sat next to Grandma, whom she loves so much.

Tonight the low-grade temperature Emily has had all day has spiked up from warm to hot, so we’ll be checking it a couple more times overnight, I’m sure. And hopefully Hazel will sleep well, so tomorrow she’ll be more well-rested, and we can enjoy opening the twins’ presents, celebrating Fathers’ Day, and having some more family time before Ted and I make our first foray into the inside jungle that is our basement.


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