Twin babies’ developments

Emily is developing by leaps and bounds. She stood up unaided a couple of days ago, reaching for Grandma’s glasses. She did it again tonight, holding a book and grinning at me. We laughed and clapped, and she laughed too. She has the most wonderful wrinkly nosed smile when she’s pleased. Two other new things she did were sitting on her feet in the way little kids can do because they’re so flexible, and going all the way up on her hands and feet, approaching a downward-facing-dog stance. And then, when Grandma was (finally) detaching the babies from her bathrobe, Emily took a couple of steps holding Grandma’s hands.

Joanna loves it when we clap for her or Emily. She’s started clapping her hands on her own, especially when she’s excited. She’s also so determined to move that she’s started scooting much further on her bottom. I’m not sure if she’s going to crawl or not. We do give her time on her tummy, and she does work at it. But it hasn’t come easily to her. She prefers to be sitting up.

Both babies just light up when they see people they know. They get extremely excited when Ted or I come home. They giggle and laugh and coo, and if we walk away without picking them up they protest. My heart has been on a happy warm setting of late. Feeling the babies’ little soft hands patting me, hearing them giggle together, seeing their 1000 watt smiles, cuddling with them all fill me up with such love.


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