biking, napping, Satchmo

Today I decided to ride the momentum created by our purchase of the Madsen, and ride over to a chiropractic appointment. I called our nanny, who had the kids out on a walk, and asked her to ask Hazel if she wanted to come. She did, so I got the bike out of the basement, through the back gate with a millimeter of clearance on either side, and met them in front of the house. The ride over was pretty easy, due to a bunch of downhill slopes that, of course, we had to go up on the way back. I had to walk and push the bike a couple of times, for several blocks. I can handle a small incline, but not for too long on the Madsen thus far. I rode my own bike back home up a pretty long medium-sized hill a few weeks ago. On the bucket bike, I’d make it maybe one block and then have to walk: that thing is HEAVY. However, as I ride more and get into better shape, that will change. And ultimately, we will get an electric assist to help. Anyway, as I was pushing the bike along, a woman driving the other way called out from her car, “You can do it!” That was lovely and friendly, and I appreciated the encouragement.


Satchmo came and hung out in my studio while I was teaching and practicing today. I think he’s getting weaker. He’s having more trouble walking. But it was nice to have him there. It reminded me of his transition, when I’d first gotten him, from hiding in the bathroom when I played to lying on the floor napping during teaching or practicing sessions. During the period in which he was getting used to the cello, he used to pace back and forth in front of me while I played. Then he’d jump up on the chair behind me, and swat at my hand. Once, he came over when I’d put my cello down to write down a fingering, and chomped on the bridge. I shrieked at him, and he never touched the cello again, but to this day I have two faint little kitty tooth marks in my bridge.


Today it took a half hour or more to get the twins to sleep. Emily has been resisting napping lately. I am wondering if she’s somehow ready to get rid of her morning nap (say it isn’t so!), or if we’re not being consistent enough about naptime. Today I really didn’t think it would happen, but they eventually both did fall asleep, thank goodness.


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