family breakfast, Madsen bike, rehearsal

the Madsen
Last night was a late one, so today we slept in as long as we could. Then, for the first time in a while we had breakfast together as a family. That was lovely. We had a pretty lazy morning, and then set off to see a Madsen that’d been listed for sale. We’ve been talking and thinking about what to do about a family bike for a while now, and had wound our way up and down and around in the conversation from this option to that, and finally settled on the Madsen as the best option for us, especially while the little ones are little.

Off we went to go see the bike. The people selling it didn’t live too far from us, so we walked over to their place, enjoying the sunshine and warmth of a gorgeous day. Each of us tried it. We measured it. We talked about how we could set it up for the twins. We decided that we’ll get some foam cushions specially made so that we can seat the babies down lower than the included bench. And then we’ll install a 5-point harness for each of them. Of course, we’ll have to wait until helmets will fit on their little noggins, but I think that will be soon. In the meantime, I can ride around with Hazel.

We bought the bike. Woo Hoo!

Then, I loaded it up with Hazel, her Skut bike, and my backpack, and set off home. And got about a foot before I lost my balance and fell over. I dumped the bike, me, and Hazel on the ground. Ok, then. Hazel cried, I gnashed my teeth and patted my scraped arm. I hugged Hazel. The sellers of the bike and their neighbors sympathized. We got up, righted the bike, and got set again. I told Hazel that I was going to put the kickstand down, and that I had to remember to do that every time I get started. She said she’d remind me. I decided to go downhill instead of uphill to get going, since the combination of an incline and a very heavy bike was what caused me to wobble and fall. So, I pushed the bike forward to disengage the kickstand, pushed off, got up on the seat, and off we went! That first breeze in your hair is so great. We were only halfway down the first block when Hazel said, “Biking is better than driving. You get fresh air, and you’re not all enclosed.” It was lovely to be able to ride and talk.

I am wildly out of shape, and had to get off, gasping, and walk the bike a couple of times. We will probably buy an electric assist for it in the fall, but in the meantime, I’ll be getting a good workout.

When we got home our neighbors all wanted to inspect our new ride. I am sure we’ll wind up carting more kids than ours around. The Madsen seats four, after all!


This afternoon we worked on the house in preparation for out-of-town visitors’ arrival. I practiced, ahead of tonight’s rehearsal. And then I went to said rehearsal. I am really enjoying the repertoire. I have more work to do this week, but as I said to myself (but amused Ted, who overheard me) this afternoon, practicing really does work! My wrist is a bit tweaky from the fall, but fortuitously I have an appointment scheduled with my body/energy/healer person, who is excellent at speeding up and facilitating the healing process.

Ted had a rough evening, unfortunately, with sad babies. But now I’m feeding them and he can feed the cats, and then it’ll be hopefully a smoother night for all.


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