Emily climbs stairs, we visit the zoo

Today was a big day. This afternoon after dropping our nanny off we went over for a quick visit to our friends’ house. They have a newly built deck which we were excited to see. Hazel and I, however, were not as excited as Emily. She saw the steps on the deck and promptly decided to climb up them. Up she went, quite handily. I stayed within arm’s reach, knowing that she might wobble on the top step, which she did. Other than that save, however, she was very steady. And very, very happy with herself. Joanna sat happily on the grass playing with some finger puppets. I spent a while plopping Emily in the grass halfway across the yard, watching her crawl back to the deck and up the steps, and then plopping her back in the middle of the yard. She ate some grass, and Joanna tried a leaf. Our friend showed Hazel the compost bins, and they had a wonderful time checking out the bugs, worms, and other denizens. Our friend also bought her a soccer ball as a present. We kicked it around some. Hazel burst into fits of giggles as he maneuvered the ball around her.

After that I zipped over to have a trim. When my hair is short I can’t abide it getting on my ears (there is always a painful period when growing it out during which I have to restrain myself from taking clippers to it). My stylist neatened it up, and I found out that trims like that are free in between cuts. So great! Of course, I have to shower before bed, because otherwise I’ll dream of spiders and ants and pincushions tonight.

This morning Hazel and I had a play date with a classmate of hers and his mom. We went to the zoo. The sloth bear enclosure currently includes twin cubs that flop and tumble and dig around, bouncing off each other and their mother while she lies around in the sun. We also saw a snow leopard, a new play area, and fed the birds in one of the bird houses. Hazel and her friend get along well. They shared their food with each other at snack time, and held hands for a while when we were walking. Her friend’s mom and I had a good conversation about having kids. We were both deliberate in our process, not into babies before we had our own, worried that we wouldn’t bond with our babies (the first time around), but both also very happy to have experienced this life change. I’m glad we got together.

Ted went shopping tonight, so our extremely empty fridge now has food in it. We were down to dregs. Now we’ll have stew, kale & sausage pasta, and quiche this week, and can get off our diet of frozen pizzas and burritos.


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