Face painting and Bartok pizzicato

Today Ted took the babies for a walk for their morning nap. This gave me some unanticipated one-on-one time with Hazel. She wanted me to paint her face, so I did. At her request I gave her a rainbow kitty face, with ROYGBIV ascending her nose, whiskers of black, white, and gray, and a light blue chin. I also added purple and green markings around her eyes. It was quite spectacular. She wanted to paint my face too, but as I had a rehearsal this afternoon I had to regretfully decline. It would have been too much of a distraction. But after these concerts are past we’ll paint faces again, and then she can decorate me to her heart’s content.

Hazel commented on it being just the two of us. She likes mommy time. Since I’ve been so busy I was glad to have a relaxed space in which to enjoy her. We got in some snuggling on the couch too. A lovely morning.

Then I practiced. Of course.

This afternoon’s rehearsal went well. The modern piece is taking shape, and it is fun! It involves Bartok pizzicato, something that always makes me smile. Parts of it rip along at a furious speed, but as the rhythm gets cleaner the tempo gets easier. It was originally a string quartet, and has been rescored for orchestra by the composer. You can hear the quartet here.

I had about a half hour after rehearsal before the nanny was going to be leaving, so I stopped off for Pho. It was great to have a bit of time to eat and chill by myself before going home to feed the babies. I arrived at our house just as our neighbors were coming home too. We chatted briefly on our way to our respective doors. One of them said, “You’ve been busy!” They’ve been hearing me practice, so I guess I’ll use that as further motivation to perfect the pieces.

Tomorrow, all modern with a touch of Haydn thrown in here and there for light relief (and hard work of another kind).


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