Practicing cello

Well, I didn’t get 5.5 hours of practice in today, but I got up to 4.5, which is possibly all my hands would have taken anyway. Haydn, Wagner, and two modern pieces (chunks thereof). I built on what I have my students do, which is to play whatever problem they’re working on three times in a row correctly. For myself today, I managed thirty times in a row on the handful of extremely high notes I was memorizing. What that means is that I was practicing landing on the note from the air: I’d play it, take my hand all the way away from my cello, and then land with my finger (hopefully) on the exact spot to play the note again. It took me an hour to accomplish that for the first one, the C two octaves above middle C. The next few I did went faster, probably because I had a better point of reference having done the C. That got me through about two and a half lines of music. Seeing as how I have two pages to improve, I have a ways to go.

My first finger (pointer finger) is throbbing, a bit unhappy. It was fine through most of my practice, but toward the end decided enough was enough. And my body is tired. Playing cello doesn’t take as much energy as playing soccer, but the fine motor control and concentration necessary to practice does use a substantial amount of internal resource.

So, I think that’s it for tonight’s blog post. Sleep calls.


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