cello practice, kitty outside, baby crawling

It really is amazing what practicing will do. I got in two and a half hours today, by leaving early to go to work. I worked on the repertoire for my second concert, and made quite a bit of progress. With all the playing I’m doing, my performance level is increasing. Yesterday when I got together with friends to play chamber music I was able to sight-read better than I have been lately. And today’s practice didn’t feel long to me. The incredibly fast bit I looked at yesterday was quite a bit better today. I am beginning to believe that it’s possible I’ll get it up to tempo. That’s always a good feeling.

Tomorrow I have to get back to the repertoire for concert number one, as well as do consolidating practice to reinforce what I did today. And then tomorrow evening and Sunday afternoon I have rehearsals.



Ted and I have gotten pretty good at pilling Satchmo quickly. We got all his meds into him efficiently this evening, and then Ted hand fed him while I nursed the babies. He’s up with me on the bed at the moment, snoozing. He definitely was feeling better today. He was able to climb the porch steps, and enjoyed being out in the sunshine for a while this afternoon. I’m also glad that our other cat isn’t hissing or swatting at him. No idea what tomorrow will bring, but I’m grateful for today.

While we were outside, Emily crawled for the first time! She’s been scooting and pulling up, but today she crawled, moving her knees forward one after the other. That was exciting. She crawled over to a broom and grabbed ahold of it. She was persuaded only with difficulty to let go. And then she wanted to put everything in sight in her mouth. They say a peck of dirt is good for the development of the immune system. I guess she really wants to test that theory.

Tonight while I was sitting on the kitchen floor, Emily crawled and Joanna scooched toward me. They were both smiling, and they both reached out for me when they got close. Moments like that are balm and joy.


One thought on “cello practice, kitty outside, baby crawling

  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Satchmo is ill… I hope that you guys are able to find peace in whatever happens. I’ll always remember his lion shave when you were living in Wedgewood. He was so cute and so mad! Haha.

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