Beatles gig, childcare, adult time off

Home from my gig, back to the warm coziness of nursing my twins. It’s nice to be here. It was also nice to hear all the tunes we’ve been working on separately in one go, with pauses for comedy & various speechification. I think I shall have to start learning lyrics. I want to sing all those songs for (and with) Hazel. Earlier today I put on “St. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” and told her that was one of the songs I’d be playing later. She said, “Is that you playing, Mama?” It would have been fun to bring her, but it would have been too loud for her. She’s been to a couple outdoor concerts, where she can move away if she needs to. That works better, thus far. And in a year or two she’ll be old enough to sit still through a concert, I think. I will love to see her at gigs.

Our nanny came and worked tonight so that Ted could come to the show. It went well. She said that Hazel was wiggly, and informed her that, “It takes me a long time to fall asleep.” But overall it was good. No tantrums, and they had an enjoyable evening together. And since Hazel is used to going to bed with either me or Ted, I think that’s a major success.

Tomorrow, when we have some babysitting in the afternoon, instead of spending the whole time working on the house & doing various projects, we’re going to take at least a couple hours to do something fun. We haven’t done that in a while. Not sure what, just yet, but perhaps a movie, perhaps a walk, perhaps dinner? Maybe we’ll even come up with some conversation that doesn’t all revolve around our children. We’ll see. Whatever works. It’ll be nice just to spend the time.


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