beach, point of view, adulthood

We spent today with friends at a family house on the beach. It started out cold, but turned into a glorious day. The two girls (their daughter is Hazel’s age) did well together. We’ve discovered that they do much better together when we’re not around. So, when they started bickering, we sent them outside to the back porch to have a snack and play. That worked well, and they played happily together. After lunch we went down to the water. There’s a stream that leads into the sea, and after we’d crossed over the driftwood I saw a flash of light that turned out to be a young salmon. It was swimming up and back along the stream. Very thrilling for all of us to see.

It did remind me, though, of an occasion many years ago, relating to the other end of the salmon’s life cycle. I’d gone with a bunch of friends on a rafting trip up north. We stayed in some cabins close to where we were going rafting. The few of us who arrived first went exploring on the property after we’d dumped our things off. We found a stream at the back of the property, and, seeing movement, realized there were salmon swimming in it. We were excited. I might have jumped up and down with enthusiasm, though it’s enough years ago that I’ll plead faded memory if anyone attempts to hold me to it.


Later on I ran into the proprietor and told her how neat it was that we’d seen fish in the stream. Her response: “Yeah, salmon. They swim up here. They spawn. They die. They rot. The dogs roll in them. The dogs stink.”

Well, ok then. Moving right along.


When we got back I went to borrow a pick-up for my Beatles gig. This is fairly outside my usual musical ken. Weird to draw my bow across my cello strings and hear such distortions & sound effects as one can when hooked up with a pick-up to a pre-am and effects board. I’ve had my cello hooked up that way before, but very few times. It does make me wonder just how loud this gig is going to be…

Later I went to write. Things are coming along, very, very slooooooooowly. It is becoming increasingly clear to me that if I want to find the time to write, to practice, to work out, and to parent, I am going to have to cure my bad habit of going to bed too late at night. Being a zombie doesn’t help in any of those endeavors. I shudder to think that I am going to have to stop procrastinating. It’s been my bad habit since I was a kid, been with me a long time. But I guess if I can learn to do the dishes in a timely fashion, I can also learn to maintain an earlier bedtime. Maybe. Ah, the price I shall pay for being a musician mommy who also wants to write. Responsibility. Adulthood. I guess so. If I must. At least I am starting to believe that maybe I can. Sometimes…. So, tonight, no Scrabble. Oh, the humanity!


One thought on “beach, point of view, adulthood

  1. Robert says:

    If you jumped up and down, you did it internally. However, you were extremely pleased to see the the little fishies. They were quite lovely, and fearless in their life-cycle drive. That was one of the better weekends of my life thus far; thanks for evoking it. It was also the first time Matt Stoecker and I played Scrabble. He won, with his usual cheating system of knowing more and better words.

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