sunshine, bikes, kid funnies

Today was so gorgeously, generously, un-Pac-NW-ly (as in, warm and no clouds in the sky) beautiful. We went to a park where we saw some fun toy sailboats in a pond, and got a chance to check out some cargo bikes. That was great. Hazel played with new friends, showed off her gliding skills on one kid’s bike, and scarfed food from other families until we (very quickly) remedied our no-snack-pack situation. Ted and I rode a couple bikes, saw a bunch of options for carrying family members, and met some very friendly, helpful people. We’re figuring out what we’re interested in buying, and it takes time to do the research. It’ll likely be fall before we’re ready to get a bike, but we’re looking forward to it. Two we’re considering are the Madsen (and no, we wouldn’t get the pink one), or an Edgerunner with seats for the babies and handlebars for Hazel (possibly better when our kids are older, though very appealing). The Madsen is considerably less money, and much more amenable to napping (for passengers!). The Edgerunner would be much better at hills (and we have a few of those here.) We’d have to save $$ for longer to get the Edgerunner, but it’d probably be the better bike in the long-run (better quality, and if we got the Electric Edgerunner, makes nothing of the hills).

This evening, after napping and having dinner, we went for a walk. A couple neighbors were out enjoying drinks and nibbles (I’m sure we’ll eventually be able to do that again, heh) and we stopped to say hi. Hazel said she was in need of a potty, so one of them took her in to use theirs. While they were inside our other neighbor said that Hazel had asked him about his watch. He’d told her what time it was, and they’d had this exchange.

neighbor: “It’s 8 pm.”
Hazel: “Oh, that’s my bedtime.”
neighbor: “My bedtime is 11:30. I get to go to bed later than you because I’m bigger.”
Hazel: (pointing to his wife, who is a very small person) “She’s shorter than you, so what time does she go to bed?”

hee hee hee


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