Corporate greed, travel, teaching, and daughters

We’re planning an east coast trip for the summer. I got plane tickets today, and did some gnashing of teeth. I hate, hate, hate how there is a “processing fee” of $145 just to transfer some miles from my daughter’s account to mine. Double that, to transfer miles from Ted’s account to mine, add in the fees to get a ticket with miles, and we’re spending easily $300 just to make a few clicks on the keyboard. It feels rapacious and ugly. Travel is expensive, and incredibly expensive with a family. Once we have to pay for seats for the twins it’s going to become prohibitively so; we’ll have to go fewer places and travel less frequently, because we can’t afford the $2000 – $2500 in plane fare we’re going to be looking at each time. Charge me for food on the plane, ok. Charge me for using the board room if I don’t have a membership, ok. Charge me for gas for the plane, ok. But charging me for making some changes to the miles that my family members have in order to buy tickets, that’s just greedy.


Nonetheless, we’re looking forward to seeing family and friends, and to spending some time in a relatively warm ocean (the Pacific is chilly up here!) We’ll pack a lot lighter and do our best to use public transport when we’re in the city. And we’ll have a good time. My friends and I have been talking about making a joint trip for years. Amongst all of us there will be 19 people in one ginormous house. It’ll be an adventure.


My students this afternoon all did well, had productive lessons. That’s always a source of good energy. Watching others grow and learn is such a pleasure, and it’s an honor to be able to contribute to that process.


Ted is dancing Emily while Joanna sleeps on my lap. Joanna’s skin is so fresh, smooth, beautifully rosy next to my much more textured arms. Seeing the contrast reminds me of how dry my skin is. Hazel inherited dry skin on her upper arms from me. I’ve got a bumpiness there that I’ve always had, and she does too. Perhaps we’ll start a lotion component to our morning and evening rituals. She enjoys putting it on, and it’ll help my skin while also giving us an opportunity to do something together. Those little moments add up.


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