Bike trailer, Beatles gig, organization

Today we went to see another bike trailer. It was good to get a look at something else, and to hear someone else’s experience with it, and with trailers in general. We came away feeling clearer that we do want to go with a trailer rather than a tagalong or kids’ seats on our bikes, for now. We are not yet strong cyclists, and we feel more comfortable with the babies being lower down. That way, if we fall and the bike goes down, the trailer won’t. The kids won’t be falling from a height. And the trailer has structure, a frame that will help to keep them safe. It’s also good for this transitional year: I can put the twins in it, but I could also put Hazel in it for a ride to school. So, in a couple months, if we have indeed been riding consistently, I think we’ll go for it and get one.

Ted walked over to the house where we were going to see the trailer. This gave him some exercise, gave the babies their morning nap, and gave me some time to spend with Hazel. She’s been wanting me to paint her face, so I did. She got a sun on one cheek, a moon (orange and red at her request) on the other, and three stars on her forehead. I used a paintbrush, and everything came out reasonably well. I find that with many activities involving the kids I have an internal challenge I have to deal with. In this case, I felt intimidated by my nanny’s much greater visual artistic ability (she did an awesome rainbow kitty face on Hazel last week), and in comparing my efforts-to-be with hers focused on the wrong thing for a while. I did get myself into a better space about it pretty quickly, and Hazel and I had fun together.

This afternoon I had a rehearsal for a rock gig. We worked on a bunch of Beatles tunes. I found that I had a grin plastered on my face after the first bar or two of music. Watching the singers’ antics, hearing the (beautifully sung) songs, playing some of the melodies and hearing the others, doing something quite different from my normal sort of gig all added up to a very fun time.

When I got home, Ted and I tackled the filing cabinet. We got through the rest of it, throwing out loads of irrelevant/old/unwanted contents. We also decided on a more streamlined system, which we will create next time we work on it. Though I didn’t want to do it when we started, I’m very glad we continued with that project. It gives me hope that we will ultimately have a house that is clean, organized, and easy to live in. We both have pack-rat tendencies, but we’re enjoying the process of lightening our load. That is probably because in substantial other ways (read, the birth of three children in the last 4 years) things are getting quite a bit more complicated and complex.


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