(not) sleeping, biking, playing, feeding, sleeping

I am wiped out. Yesterday I made a commitment to getting up sooner, and so of course last night I stayed up until 3 am. My inner child was screaming, “You can’t make me go to bed!!!” at the top of her lungs. I am going to go to sleep soon, and hope that my night last night hasn’t cost me the battle with a cold.

Nonetheless, today had some very nice aspects. I walked over to the bike shop to pick up my bike, which I’d taken in for a tune-up. I bought a helmet & lock, and rode home. I didn’t think I’d make it up even a fraction of the multi-block hill, but I did! That was exciting. Also positive was feeling the wind on my face while biking, a sensation I haven’t experienced in years, and Hazel’s excitement about going out for a ride with me. When Ted got home we all headed over to a park to meet up with some friends. Ted took the babies and the car, and Hazel and I rode our bikes over. She loved it. She said how much she liked just being with me, “It’s simpler this way!” When I brought my bike out her eyes got really big. “Wow, your bike is huge!” I am looking forward to many more rides with Hazel.

At the park we popped the twins into a swing, back to back. Listening to their giggles while they swing is an enormous pleasure. Hazel had friends to play with too. It was a spectacular day and evening, so great to be able to hang around outside in just light pants and a short-sleeved shirt, looking at a blue sky, gorgeous light, and flowers everywhere.

Ted and I took the kids to a restaurant close to the park for dinner. The babies are very excited to eat. We gave them some bits of a Caprese salad, some hamburger, melon, chicken, tomatoes, and mac and cheese. It all went over very well. Joanna did a lot of kicking her feet with glee and smiling. Emily jiggled up and down. Then Ted drove everyone else home and I rode home. My sit bones are sore now, and the knee is not totally happy, but I think the kinks will work out of the old system, and I will start getting quite a lot more exercise.

Now for bed!


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