baby-proofing, health, Pilates

We’re (mostly) done baby-proofing. We made a gargantuan effort today, and got our playroom back to being baby safe. Ted put in two baby gates, I cleaned up the disaster that had been our playroom, organized and swapped toys around, and we moved some furniture around together. Ever since cleaning the rug after Chester decided to use the playroom as a gigantic litter box, we’ve kept the door shut and only gone in to use the changing table. We’ve been afraid to leave the door open, in case Chester resumes his unsocial habit. And in fact, when we took the rug up today we discovered that his eliminations had indeed made it through to the wood floor. So, we cleaned further. He doesn’t like trying to hop over the baby gates, so we’re going to keep a close eye on him over the next week and see what happens. We have all fingers crossed, hoping we don’t have to buy a new rug. But once we start spending time in there with the babies, we can’t be constantly paranoid about whether the door is open or shut. In fact, we’ll have to leave the door open.

Additionally, we put pictures up on the walls, I did a monster pile of dishes, and Ted vastly reduced the pile on the dining room table. Our goal is to have everything all nice and clean and picked up before we leave for our next family-visiting trip, so that when we come back we’re not distressed by walking into, as Ted said tonight, a hole of a house.

I am extremely grateful that this cold appears to be moving through pretty quickly. I had a sore throat, but only for a day and a half, and I can currently breathe through both nostrils. Yippee! It’s the small victories in life. The constant stress on my immune system is one thing about having kids that’s a real physical and emotional challenge. It’s not been as bad this winter as it was the first year we had Hazel, and I am taking generally better care of myself, but being sick this often does sometimes really get me down. Now, our hope is that we’re all mostly healthy when we get on the plane. Traveling while ill is no fun at all.

One thing that is different this time is that I’ve continued with Pilates for much longer. I am feeling so much stronger. My mid-back in particular, an area which is prone to weakness and stiffness, has improved markedly. This is exciting. Sometimes you live with a certain set of discomforts for so long it’s easy to assume that it’s irremediable, will never change, or in fact will only get worse as you age. But my back is now stronger than it has been in decades, and as I do more work with Pilates will get even better. I can feel it walking, moving furniture, holding the babies, cooking, playing cello, and of course when doing exercises with my teacher. She and her husband own their studio, and they are open to clients bringing their kids, a huge plus. Ted is going to sign up for some personal training with her husband, I think. We both feel better when we’re working out regularly.


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