Multi-generational sharing

My mom remembers a time that she and I went out and lay in the back yard one night star-gazing. I don’t remember it more than very vaguely. But it is a clear memory for her, and something she recalls fondly. Some of that emotion has carried over to me. Tonight I was walking home from my writing session and saw a glorious almost-full moon, huge, low in the sky, and mistily lambent. Today was a hard one with Hazel, who has been in a stretch of not listening. And I have not been feeling very good, and have not been very patient or creative. So, when I walked in the door, remembering my mom’s story of sharing the night sky with me, I told Hazel there was a beautiful moon outside, and asked if she wanted to go see it with me. She ran to get pants, shoes, and coat on, and we jogged down the street to a spot where it was visible. We didn’t stay for too long. I picked her up, and while I was holding her, one of her boots fell off. We giggled about it, and I held her hand to steady her while she got them back on. Then we ran back to the house: “I’m gonna beat you, Mama!” She probably won’t remember, but it was a lovely way to end our day together, and it helped me to get to a better place internally.


At the writing session, my writing laptop wouldn’t boot. grrr. So, with a pen and some scrap paper given me by one of my friends, I started writing down things I know and things I need to find out about my main character. It was quite productive. I feel further along now. And I am glad there’s a reasonably recent copy of my writing project saved online!


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