music and family

There were many positive developments today. I have restored order to the dining room; replaced the TV stand upon which we had our CD player in the living room with a taller cabinet, the top of which the twins will not be able to reach when they start pulling themselves up; practiced three movements of the G Major Suite for Solo Cello by J.S. Bach as well as Apres Un Reve by Gabriel Faure for this weekend’s funeral service; taught; and spent some very enjoyable time both with Hazel and the twins in which I was able to strike the right balance of setting boundaries with Hazel while also giving her room to breathe, to be creative, and to play. Emily is getting closer and closer to crawling. Today she pulled one knee forward while she was up on all fours. And her plank position is turning into a Downward Facing Dog yoga position. She is so strong! It is amazing to see such a little baby pushing up on her toes like that. And just now, Joanna relaxed in my arms and cooed herself to sleep, so sweetly and naturally. Moments like that fill every atom of my being with love and joy.


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