Going to the zoo, birthday dinner

Today we went to the zoo with friends. There are lion cubs viewable right now, but there was a line, and with two hungry preschoolers and two babies, standing in a line to see them wasn’t something we contemplated for even a minute. Today was the sort of day we buzzed by the animals, stopping only for quick peeks and then moving on when either whining or crying started up. It amuses me to imagine what I’d think of such considerations if I were having them about other adults with whom I regularly spend time: “Well, I’d love to see the lion cubs, but Dude is really hungry, and I just don’t want to deal with it if he starts crying while we’re in line,” or, “It’d be so neat watch the baby lions with their mommy, but Dudette is tired, and I need to keep her moving. If we stop, I think it’s pretty likely she’ll throw a fit.”

So, we eyed one elephant, glimpsed two giraffes, and paused to peek at two snoozing gorillas. Then we had lunch. Afterwards, we went into the excellent play area, where Hazel and her friend worked off some energy running around like crazy, climbing things, making new friends, and generally having a great time. The twins looked around, and I got a chance to talk to my friend. A very good visit. And next time we might see more of the animals. That is the beauty of having a membership. You don’t have to sweat it when you’ll just be coming back next week.


Tonight we went out with friends to celebrate his 45th birthday. We had a lovely time. We don’t get much adult-only time these days, and it was nice to have a relaxed meal and great conversation in that setting. We talked about aging, the life cycle, quality of life, what we want moving forward in our lives as well as celebrating the many wonderful things that are already there. I am so grateful for my friendships and chosen family.

After dinner they came over for a bit to say hi to Hazel. She was so excited to see them. And our nanny said the evening had gone really well. The babies are feeling so much better. All in all, a good day.


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