Twins’ development, communication, art

I feel fortunate that Ted and I do well at talking about finances. That can be a tough topic in a relationship, but it has been one area in which we have found that we share goals, communicate well, give each other understanding and support, and continue to learn as individuals and as a couple. What with a lot of things piling up just now, we’ve had to think about our budget for the next sixth months. We’ve done a good job, found some creative solutions, and have a plan that’s realistic.


Today Emily made more significant strides forward (so to speak) in her ongoing quest to learn to move herself around. She got fully up onto all fours; rocked back and forth; got her belly and butt off the floor, dug in her toes and pushed off; learned to move sideways like a crab; and backed herself all the way into the couch. Though all of this, she was happy and determined. Every time I cheered her on, she looked up with a big, open smile.

Joanna, too, has recently made a really big jump forward physically. She used to just cry if you put her on her tummy. Now, she pushes up for a bit, and looks up with a smile. When she gets tired she lays her head down and rests, and then she tries it again.

They’re both reaching and pulling, getting into things more (baby-proofing, here we come!), responding to their names, petting the cats (with our help, so they don’t grab fur and yank), becoming more and more a presence in the house. We are transforming from a family of three with very cute little fur-less pets to care for, into a family of five. We are overwhelmed, but delighted.


How am I writing this blog? On Ted’s Surface, that’s how. It is not a substitute for my laptop, but it is a lot better than my phone for using the web! This weekend we’ll put a new hard drive into my laptop, get backup measures in place, and then even though I’ll be missing major chunks of data from the past (which we’re still hoping to retrieve), I’ll be able to move forward.


I am going to be playing cello for my friend’s dad’s memorial service. I am always aware, when I do a regular, paid wedding gig, that I’m participating in someone else’s very important life event. The few funeral services at which I have played have been those of friends’ family members, and have therefore had a more personal meaning for me. I am honored to be a part of such occasions, and I think that at a funeral, even more so than at a wedding, music can provide a channel for feeling in a special way. It is a unique thing to be able to offer, and I owe my ability to do so to many people, including my parents, my teachers, and my wider musical community. I hope that in our society we can regain not only an appreciation for the many important gifts art can give us, but a willingness to support (with money and time) wide open access to learning and experience in and of the arts for all, especially children. I see the uncensored joy with which my daughter draws, paints, dances, and sings, and I wish fervently for every child to have the time, space, freedom, and encouragement that aids in the development of a lifelong relationship with art. I am convinced that art is not only part of how we grow as individuals, but part of our evolutionary path forward as a species.


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