swimming lessons and sister love

In Hazel’s swim lesson today, she did a great job of kicking while reaching and pulling. She was only willing to blow bubbles once, but she jumped really enthusiastically to me, not holding hands. I also told her that in the next set of classes I wouldn’t be in the water with her, but sitting in the little bleacher section for parents. I told her that I’d holler “Whoo hoo!” from there, complete with fist pump. She liked that. So, it’ll be interesting to see what happens when we actually come to it, but I’m beginning the prep now.

While pulling herself hand over hand along the side of the pool, she said she was traveling to St. Louis. I asked if she’d blow bubbles. She said, “No, there’s a sign in St. Louis that says, ‘No Blowing Bubbles.'” Well, ok then! 🙂

We are beginning some of the things we did with Hazel again with the twins. It gives me a strange sense of deja vu to be saying, “Open hand,” while helping Joanna to pet the kitties without grabbing their fur. It seems like so long ago that we were teaching Hazel to be gentle with the cats. It’s odd to be doing it again. Joanna is very drawn to them. When I hold her hand open and rub the kitty with it, she smiles and smiles.

The babies are getting big enough to be wearing some of Hazel’s onesies (other than the initial plain white ones). Joanna is currently wearing the “Have a Hoppy Day” onesie. That gives me a lot of pleasure. It’s so nice to see them again.

They are noticing and touching each other more. I do worry about them putting each other’s eyes out, because they seem most attracted to faces, eyes, mouths. But it’s great to see them reach out for each other and for Hazel. There’s a lot of sister love in this house already.


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