Baby food and car repair

I’m so glad we got our Vitamix! The babies had pureed stew for lunch, and then a mixture of apples, blueberries, and a bit of red bell pepper pureed for dinner. Feeding two babies is enough of an effort that I’m happy to be able to make the creation of their food as simple as possible.


So, we’ve been getting mold developing in our car. For a while we thought it was because Hazel and her carpooling friend kept lowering the window on the way home from school. But today we had a guy come out to the house to check it out, and it turns out that there’s a useless seal on the driver’s side door. Also, there’s a gap where I dented the car right by the reflector near the back of the car. Water has been getting in there and running under the carpet down past the seat and onto the floor behind the driver’s seat. I started stressing out, thinking about how expensive body work is. We can’t possibly afford to buy a new car. However, Ted has worked on old cars some, and thinks we can just take out the old carpet, caulk around the reflector, buy new seals and carpet, and get the car thoroughly cleaned. Here’s hoping it will work out! It was a bit shocking to see how bad it had gotten under the carpet in the back. But I like my basic Ford Escort. I hope to keep it around a while longer. It’s pretty fun to drive, and is very useful for transporting lumber, furniture, and other larger items. But it’s not a behemoth, and gets reasonable gas mileage. Fingers crossed!


Tomorrow is another swim lesson for Hazel. We’ll go out for lunch afterwards and have more Mommy/Hazel time together. I’m looking forward to it.


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