Bedtime, Downton Abbey, and Internet Connections

So, I made an agreement with my doctor today that I’d turn the lights off at 11:15 pm every night for the next month until I see her again. So what am I doing up writing a blog post at midnight? DOWNTON ABBEY, that’s what! Argh! Nooooooooo! and all the rest of the too-invested-in-this-show reactions. We forgot that the season ender would be long, and we couldn’t bear to turn it off and walk away. So here I am.

Anyway, I made calzones for the first time ever today. They are delish! Kale and ricotta, gf pizza dough. I suspect they will become a new standard favorite. I might try adding turkey bacon next time. I offered Hazel the mixing bowl to lick out when I was done. Consequently, she had a bath tonight to wash her hair, which was decorated with ricotta.

We fed the twins a pretty substantial amount of food today. They had applesauce and egg for lunch, and pureed stew for dinner. Joanna was conked at bedtime tonight, and we’re hoping that as they eat more they’ll also sleep more. Watching Ted feed the babies is heart-achy in the good way. I love watching him nurture them.

I posted a bunch of photos yesterday. When we had Hazel I vowed that I’d keep up on our pictures, and have more or less done so. This is one aspect of connectivity that I deeply appreciate. Our kids’ extended family can have a much greater feel for their daily lives, and see them growing up despite big distances than they could have twenty years ago. Connection is why I post our pictures, why I post updates on Facebook, and why I write this blog. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Bedtime, Downton Abbey, and Internet Connections

  1. I can’t believe that another season of “Downton Abbey” has come and gone and now we’ll all have to wait until next January (at least in the US) to see it). Sigh.

    My husband and I have 9-year-old boy/girl twins too, along with their older brother who’s a teenager, and reading this post reminded me of when mine were little. Thanks for sharing.

  2. cellocatnw says:

    Thanks for commenting! There is a whole twin world out there. I notice them much more now that I have them.

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