family and friends

My friend’s 85th birthday was today. We got together to play the two Brahms sextets, for two violins, two violas, and two cellos. She and I are both sleep deprived, but it was absolutely lovely to play with her again. She’s a wonderful conductor, pianist and cellist. It’s a pleasure to share music, and she is an inspiration.


Right now Emily is working on scooting herself toward my chair. She really wants to crawl. When we notice and talk about her, she looks up and gives us that million-watt smile. It’s fun to see her enjoy making progress. Now she’s blowing raspberries on the rug.


I finally wrote some more in the twins’ baby journals. I have no idea if they’ll find what we’re writing interesting, but we do want to try to keep up with them for the first year. There’s been a four-month gap, so we have some back-filling to do.


Hazel and I drew and cut out shapes today. We glued a heart and a star to the ceiling above the twins’ bed. We’ll do more tomorrow. And Ted and I went to pick up the table we bought for Hazel’s room. Now she has a place to make art, play, and occupy herself when I’m napping with the twins, or when she’s upstairs playing with friends. The room has shaped up nicely!

Ok, time to get the twins down, and go to sleep myself. I am so tired! I feel like I could sleep for a month. Off to get some fraction of those z’s.


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