House cleaning and organization

Ted and I are both a bit fried, but we got the bed project done, we cooked, we cleaned, we sorted and put laundry away, we bought a dresser for the twins that almost exactly matches Hazel’s, and Ted got some work done as well. We have another chunk of babysitting time next weekend, and we hope, by the end of that time, to have a clean, organized house without piles scattered throughout.

We’ve decided it’s time for Hazel to be in charge of her clothes. Tomorrow, she and I will put them in category piles, and then I’ll have her put them away. She’ll have a drawer for shirts, another for pants, etc. I am confident she can keep that straight. And then, it will be her job to keep her clothes in her dresser. The last time one of her friends was over to play, they took all of her clothes out and spread them around on the floor, and I got very frustrated, knowing I was going to have to get them organized and put them all back. No more! Delegation is the name of the game. Better for me, and better for her. This way, since she loves to do laundry, she can now finish the job by pulling her clothes out of the pile and putting them away herself. Yippee!


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