Aquarium Fun, Children’s furniture, and Creative Writing

Today we met with a mom and kid friend pair at the Aquarium. I am as pleased as punch with our new stroller. It is really great for trips like this, and without it I’d be a lot less likely to venture forth. The twins had a good time. When they weren’t looking at each other they could stare at fish. Joanna in particular seemed entranced, gazing for long intervals at the tanks. I parked the stroller right next to the glass wherever I could, and she tracked movements of reef dwellers, octopi, and jelly fish.

Hazel had lots of fun with her friend too. They competed at showing each other the denizens of the Aquarium, at taking their places in front of tanks and at viewing ports, and then over lunch. They did pretty well, managing to talk through most of their disagreements. At the end, when my friend was getting a membership, I took all the kids outside. The two older girls ran around, played hide-and-seek, looked at the sights, and giggled a lot. Moments like that are good for the heart.


This evening, Ted and I bought a kid activity table for Hazel’s room and then had dinner together. We’ve enjoyed making various special places in the house where Hazel (and now the twins) can play or draw. This table is intended to be a place Hazel can entertain herself when I’m still upstairs napping with the babies in the middle of the day. We’re not comfortable with her running around on the main floor by herself just yet. Also, when she has friends over, they can run upstairs and play more independently while we hang out downstairs with the babies. Ted also had the great idea of creating a dress-up chest. We might go to a second-hand store and let Hazel pick out a bunch of fun things to play with. When I was a kid we had a couple fancy lengths of cloth we used. They could be capes or dresses, or magic carpets. So maybe we’ll take a trip to a fabric store, too.

After that we went to our coffee shop where Ted read and I met with my writing group and got another 700 words down. I’m working on a secondary character’s backstory, as well as a couple of interactions he’s having with my main character. I have been quite surprised by some of the aspects of his life I’ve been discovering in this stage of my writing process.


Tonight, I am thankful to be alive.


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