Scalp wounds and other hazards of cooking

So, it’s been one of those days. A series of miscommunications has resulted in a morning of screaming babies, burned stew, and generally unpleasant levels of tension. This evening, when I was dealing with the stew, I managed to catch my foot on a chair and fall, hitting my head on a set of shelves for good measure. I have never before had personal experience with the maxim that head wounds bleed. They do. So, there was a crash, and then I found myself lying on the floor crying. I knew I could stop if I made an effort, but hadn’t yet gathered myself to do so when Hazel and Ted came running in. In that moment, a pre-schooler’s incessant questions take more energy that I really wanted to deal with, but on the plus side, they were effective at motivating me to stop crying. I got up, staggered into the bathroom, and started running water over my head, watching blood drip into the tub, and attempting to field all of Hazel’s inquiries. Really, 3-year-olds would make good interrogators. They don’t give up very easily.

Then I asked Ted to get me an ice pack, which he did. A minute or two after I got it on the back of my head, our dinner guest showed up. She is a nurse, and was able to tell me it wasn’t too bad, and that skin just bleeds that much. We sat around the table for a while, fielding more repeating questions from Hazel, and then my friend and I went out so I could have a break. Walking outside and breathing fresh air was quite helpful. I felt a ton better when we got back. I decided I really did want to cook the second dish I’d planned to make today, polenta with turkey bacon, corn, and fontina cheese. Wow. I’ve never actually made polenta before. The dish was easy and incredibly delicious. So, now we have an unintentionally smokey but still edible stew, and the polenta for the week. Tomorrow I’ll do the veggie stir-fry.

I have a few bruises, but no concussion, and no headache. I’m glad I wasn’t carrying something sharp at the time. And I will work on finding the humor in the endless repetitions of questions and stories that are sure to flow from Hazel in the coming days. She’s still telling people that she was in a car accident, and then describing what (actually) happened to our babysitter. And when I had a canker sore last week she had one too, though I couldn’t help laughing when she told me it was on her toe. Now she’ll be talking about blood and head wounds. Life is never dull.


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