Status report

Bedtime is going better. Hazel didn’t come down this evening even once after Ted put her down. He thinks she’s going into the bathroom and hanging out there for a while after he comes down, and wants to put one of the monitors in a strategic location, to find out. I’m of two minds. On the one hand, I don’t really want her running water for very long. But on the other, she’s always asleep when he brings the twins in. And she seems to be transitioning pretty well. So, I’m pretty happy with the current situation. Over the course of just a couple of months she’s potty-trained herself, stopped drinking from bottles, and is now getting pretty good at going to sleep on her own.

Pilates is going well too. I can tell that my posture is improving, I’m getting stronger, my left knee is slowly improving, and I’m much more likely to use my core muscles for everyday tasks now, reducing my risk of injury. I’m going to go back to the gym for the first time in many months on Friday. I’m going to take that nice and slow, and see if it works well in conjunction with the Pilates. It took me four months to feel like myself again after Hazel’s birth. This time it’s taking longer, but that makes sense, given how big my twin-bearing belly got.

Tomorrow I’m going to try again at the big pool with Hazel. I hope we can go. I’m looking forward to having some more fun time with her.

Happy Martin Luther King Day to everyone. We owe him an eternal debt of gratitude. I fervently hope that one day his visions of peace and equality will be realized.


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