walking and talking

A friend came over today to hang out. We had some hard life circumstance stuff to talk about, and sitting in the living room, I could feel the energy in the room getting heavier and more stuck. We decided to get up and take a little walk down to a coffee shop, where we sat in the sun and shared a pot of tea while we continued our conversation. It is amazing how getting outside and moving my body makes even really challenging topics easier to process and discussions of them more productive. I have found this to be the case even when the conversation involves conflict. I had a therapist once who advised me to try wiggling my toes when I was feeling very stuck in an argument with my partner at the time. Surprisingly to me, it worked. Just moving my toes helped me see that I could move my feet too, and could decide whether to talk or not.


We tried a new food today, pureed roasted cauliflower. Emily was clearly not sure about it, but she did eat a bit of it. We’ll try for a few days and see what happens. It was amusing to me that the cauliflower looked almost exactly like malt-o-meal or hot rice cereal when pureed. Roasted cauliflower is one of my favorite things. I could eat a large amount of it every day for quite a while before I got tired of it. Roasted veggies are yummy in general.


Ted and I have decided to start swapping off responsibility for cooking every other week. That way we’ll get a wider variety of meals, and a more equitable division of labor. By the same token, I am going to resume cleaning cat litter every other day. I stopped when I was pregnant with Hazel, but I really don’t have any valid excuse any more.


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