Eyebrows, and Deep Moral Questions

Both of the twins can raise one eyebrow. I can’t. My dad can. I think at least one of my siblings can. And Ted can. It’s quite funny to see it happen on tiny baby faces. At 6.5 months, Joanna already has a mischievous air, and Emily sometimes one of amused challenge. Or possibly I’m reading too much into a lifted brow. Nevertheless, I anticipate the day upon which I am the recipient of such a look from both girls at the same time. Hopefully it will be a moment that occasions more amusement than exasperation, but only time will tell.


Tonight, Hazel told Ted when he put her down that she was only going to come downstairs once. And she did.


We watched a small part of the first Season 3 episode of Downton Abbey tonight. We had to stop, because the babies were wide awake and wanting attention. I now am faced with a troubling moral dilemma of significant proportions. We bought the episode on Amazon Unbox on my computer. This computer. The one sitting in my lap. There is a window open. If I maximize it, I can see the intent face of John Bates frozen in a moment of conversation with Anna. One tiny, miniscule, hardly worth mentioning, insignificant click, indeed, a click of microscopic proportions, and I could find out what happens in the beginning of Season 3. “You’d be good,” whispers the grinning sprite on one shoulder. “You wouldn’t give anything away to Ted. You’d still enjoy it on your second watching tomorrow. Go on, do it! You know you want to…” This is countered by a finger-wagging miniature version of a healer/teacher of mine sitting on the other shoulder. She doesn’t need to speak. She just raises an eyebrow.


2 thoughts on “Eyebrows, and Deep Moral Questions

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    Watch Mr. Spock on Star Trek. He raises one eyebrow. (smiles)

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