Running errands with twins

So, today I managed to get to, in, and out of two stores with the babies, as well as bringing them in when we picked up Hazel. It’s funny. That just doesn’t sound that hard, but it is. While carrying two babies, one really can’t do anything else. I’m not that good with my feet! I can’t lock the house while I have babies in my arms. I have to run back after I’ve gotten them settled in the car. I had lots of errands on the wish-list for the day. If we still only had one kid, they would all have been doable. As it is, I was glad to just get the sealant for the plywood and the foam to cover it with. Those two things, and picking Hazel up, took a grand total of three hours.

Emily didn’t become seriously unhappy until the ride home, thankfully, and Joanna fell asleep in the car. When we got back I was able to transfer her up to a swing so I could then make a smoothie for Hazel and me to gulp down before nap. Hazel kept saying she wanted other things – an apple, a banana, a sandwich, etc. I told her we didn’t have time (we were very late for nap as it was.) Finally, I asked her, “Do you hear Emily screaming?” Hazel: “Yes.” Me: “Well, how long do you want her to scream? A long time, a medium time, or a short time?” Hazel: “A short time.” Me: “Then we’ll just do the smoothie and have more food after nap.” Hazel: “Ok!!”

Ted is currently in the bathroom with Emily and Hazel while the latter takes a bath. She is laughing hysterically, and Emily is giggling up a storm. Joanna is snoozing on me with two fingers tucked into her mouth for comfort. When we started out this morning I had the totally baseless idea that this evening we’d have time to paint the wood with the sealant. Yeah, that was never going to happen. We’ll do it this weekend (hopefully).

Earlier this evening, Ted and Hazel played with the new Dinosaur Anker set my father-in-law sent. She suggested that next time Ted and I can play with the big one while she plays with the small one. Sounds good to me!


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