Friendship, a Christmas tree, and baby logistics

Today a former student and current friend came over. While I nursed the babies my nanny went to pick up Hazel from preschool, and then after they came back, my friend and I took Hazel and went out for lunch. We went to an Indian restaurant and had delicious food, great conversation, and a good time all together. Hazel ate leaning against me. I definitely need to set aside time to spend with just the two of us. To that end, I’ve signed us up for swimming lessons starting in January. I think she’s old enough now to start learning how to swim for real (we did classes when she was a little baby, but now she can understand more of what they want to teach). Also, I’d love to have the chance to snorkel with her once she’s big enough to do that, and she needs to be a good swimmer before we try that. So, we’ll go for her class together on Fridays, and then have Mommy/Hazel lunch afterwards. It will be something nice to look forward to during the week.

When we came home we did the nap dance. That’s where my nanny and I attempt to get every kid to sleep at the same time before she leaves for the day. Today, she got Hazel down while I nursed the babies. They did snooze on me, but then a friend called to see if he could stop by to hang out for a bit. Then I had the struggle between the angel voice-of-selfless-motherhood (“Let sleeping babies lie.”) and the devil voice-of-inner-child-self (“Spend time with friends, and also, maybe Hazel will still be asleep and you’ll get to have some adult conversation!”) The latter (fantasy) won. So, I got up with the babies. They weren’t going to stay asleep while I picked them up, went downstairs, and settled myself in the nursing chair, but they *might* have stayed peaceful. Then I accidentally conked their heads together while trying to set them gently on the floor. Crying ensued. Guilt swiftly followed. I got them up, got the pillow on my lap, got us all situated, and then, of course, Hazel woke up and came down. Ah well, at least she got an hour’s sleep. And she wasn’t crying when she came downstairs, so that was a plus. Yeah, you gotta look for those silver linings. Wrangling three kids, two of whom are six-month-old babies can be an awkward, messy business.

Anyway, my friend came over and we discussed the poor communication of some health care practitioners, and the mixed messages he’s been getting about his dad’s condition. We agreed that maybe hospitals need project managers who can oversee a case and make sure communication from the various caregivers has some consistency. When you get the idea from some members of a team that a patient is probably dying, and from other members of the team that the person is doing well, heading toward transfer to a skilled nursing facility from the ICU, you have a problem. Luckily, it seems to be the latter. His dad is being moved tomorrow.

Then, after Hazel went off with our neighbor to be babysat for a couple of hours, I got out the lightweight double stroller that arrived today and opened it up. This is my solution to the problem of where to put the second twin when you’re putting the first twin into her car seat. I’m going to get another lightweight stroller, but a single one, for inside the house. Ted and I are struggling with how to manage them both at the same time, and I think this will help. If I’m going to feed them, I can just pull the stroller over, put a twin into it, get situated with the other twin, and then scoop up the one who’s waiting. And a single stroller will fit through our doorways. Chester has completely taken over the “nap nanny” contoured pillow we’d gotten for the purpose. It is now a cat bed, ideally placed for warm comfort under the china cabinet right in front of the heat vent. And it would have been too low anyway. When Ted brings them downstairs in the morning, he can decant one of them into the stroller and then the second one onto the floor. This will mean no head knocking, which all of us will appreciate. Our babies are certainly presenting us with any number of opportunities to become more creative. Yay! 🙂

After I taught this evening’s lessons I got Hazel and we went to buy a Christmas tree. It was the easiest tree purchase I’ve ever experienced. I parked the car, and we got out. During the car ride over Hazel had said that she wanted two trees, a little one for her and a big one for us. I told her we were just going to get one medium-sized one for all of us. Then, I said that next year the twins will be walking when we go to buy our tree. She said that we’d have to get tiny trees for them. When we arrived, we had the following conversation.
Hazel: “Why are there decorations up there?”
Me: “Oh, you mean the lights? Oh, they’re just festive and pretty. Doesn’t it smell great here?”
We walked into the lot.
Me: “That’s a nice tree. Do you like it?”
Hazel: “Yes!”
Me: “Ok, let’s go see a few more. Oh, these are too tall. Here’s another tree. This is a really nice one. Do you like it?”
Hazel: “Yes!!”
Me: “Should we get it?”
Hazel: “Yes!”
Me: “Ok!”

And that was that.

When we got it home I unwrapped it and set it up in the holder. It’s settling in now, scenting the downstairs, and tomorrow we’ll decorate it. I’m looking forward to holiday things: the smell of the tree perfuming the house; eggnog; spending time as a family; spending time with friends; going to see the lights in the city; opening presents (Ted and I have to get on the stick to get some things for Hazel, which we just haven’t had time to do); making and eating yummy food; having skyped and phone conversations with family and friends; and just having time to relax.

Happy holidays, everyone!


One thought on “Friendship, a Christmas tree, and baby logistics

  1. Perry says:

    Happy Holidays! What a tough dance you are learning 🙂

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