Pilates, teaching, and Christmas trees

I had my second private Pilates session today since the last time I did a few, which was a number of years ago. The studio is close to my house, and the teacher I work with is good at starting slowly and then building depending on how I’m doing. I’m definitely feeling the benefit of the physical therapy I did after Hazel was born. I have more control than I did the first time around. I’m also glad that I’m still fairly flexible at my advanced age of 44. I mostly need to build strength. It definitely felt good to use my muscles, to feel some soreness, and to know that I’ll get better as I work on my core more. That will help me feel more confident when I go back to the gym. Additionally, the physical activity helped my mood amazingly. I felt lighter than I have in a while when leaving the studio.

Then, this evening’s teaching went well and energized me. After it was over, Ted & Hazel and the twins still weren’t back from the potluck for the evening Co-op preschool Hazel used to attend on Wednesdays, and so I wound up with another half hour of time to myself, which felt wonderful. I was able to sort through a folder of photos on my computer.

And before teaching & the potluck, Ted and I grabbed the chance to go have dinner together, something we haven’t done in a long time. That was good too. We’ve hardly seen each other lately. We’re looking forward to getting back into a more regular routine so that we aren’t just ships passing all the time. We do need some time with each other. We benefit from it, and so do the kids. Ted has enough vacation to take off the days after Christmas, so we’ll have some more time together next week. I’m looking forward to that.

Tomorrow a former student/current friend is coming for a visit. It will be wonderful to see her. And tomorrow night we’ll take Hazel and go get a tree. This weekend we’ll decorate it. Better late than never! I remember childhood trips to go buy a tree literally two days before Christmas, so at least we’re beating that record. 🙂


One thought on “Pilates, teaching, and Christmas trees

  1. Perry says:

    Crystal likes Pilates. Sometimes I do some — monkey-see-monkey-do just imitating her. But my attention span has trouble making it through the whole routine.

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