Crying children, and other compelling sounds

I had an interesting rehearsal tonight with a neat collection of people & diverse instrumentation. I need to keep working on pizzicato, and get better at doing it faster. It definitely takes having your chops in shape. One of the pieces we’re doing involves plucking the strings below the bridge. It’s a cool sound, and when the C string (the lowest one on the cello) is tuned down a note to a B, it’s even cooler and more resonant.


I took the babies and Hazel for a walk this afternoon, and told Hazel we could go by the coffee shop on the way back. However, when we got there the twins were both crying hard, and glancing inside I saw several people looking at me. Expressions varied from sympathy to antipathy, and I decided I just didn’t want to intrude that sort of energy into that sort of space. Of course, this meant that Hazel cried for a good deal of the walk home. However, she was over it by the time we got back. I’m glad we got out for the walk. It’s easy to feel too intimidated by all the manoeuvering and logistics to do so, and to stay inside, but it’s really good for all of us to breathe fresh air, look at the sky, etc. Having three crying children all at once isn’t exactly fun, though, I have to admit.


I think Ted is going to be ready to move back upstairs this weekend. This is a big step forward (or upward, as the case may be). He feels ready to carry the twins while mounting or descending the stairs, and is eager to get back to our room from where he’s been camping out in the playroom. Then we’ll be able to stop using our phones to communicate at night, and just use our ears. The downside, of course, is that I’ll be able to hear the babies crying when it’s not my turn to feed them, but the upside is that it won’t be far to go. More changes coming down the pike, of course. Emily is working on rolling over. She’s a strong little baby.


My dad is home from the hospital. I know he’s glad to be out of there, but I’m glad he has a good facility nearby with doctors he trusts who can help him through his various medical episodes.


Yay, both babies appear to be asleep. Time for me to hit the sack too.


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