There’s nothing like seeing a baby start smiling and salivating profusely upon sight of you to make you feel needed. It’s pretty funny:  the expression on Joanna’s face tells me that I’m being seen as “Mommy/food!” But it’s also, “Mommy/comfort”. Very sweet. Looking over from my chair, they are both smiling at me, making that “You really want to feed us again, you know you do!” face. Almost impossible to resist.

After last night’s difficulties, we’re going to try something new. Ted is going to take Emily for a walk to see if he can calm her down before attempting to get her down to sleep. We’ll see… Ok, that didn’t work. Now he’s out with both of them (after a further feeding session). They’re very upset. We’re in that difficult transition between the old pattern that worked beautifully, and the new pattern, which hasn’t come together yet, but will hopefully settle soon! Come to think of it, maybe that’s why the babies are wanting to nurse all the time. Transitions are hard for everyone.


Today when Hazel got home from her aunt’s house, she came over to hug the babies and said, “I missed Emily. I missed the babies.” She really loves her little sisters.


Tonight we got to go through bags and boxes of hand-me-downs from our generous neighbors. I really appreciate our village. Hazel’s wearing awesome fuzzy yellow pj’s tonight.


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