Will they or won’t they?

Ted is currently trying to get the twins to go to sleep. They are gradually calming down, but I’m still hearing whimpers and the occasional cry. Meantime, I’m also wondering if Hazel will stay asleep, or if tonight will be another one like last night, where she woke up crying for me repeatedly, causing me to awake with heart pounding and adrenaline pulsing. The drama of the question, “Will he/she go to sleep?” is repeated nightly in millions of households across the nation, I am sure. I think I need to start memorizing songs like, “Hush, Little Baby, Don’t You Cry,” just to make myself feel better.


We’re going to buy a baby book for Hazel and retroactively fill it in. My doula gave me one each for the twins, and wonder of wonders, we’ve been writing in them. So now we want Hazel to have one too. And no, don’t worry, we’re not going to lie and pretend that we always had it. If she’s going to decide we don’t love her as much as her sisters, it will be because we didn’t think of getting a baby book for her at the beginning. Or for any number of other reasons, I’m sure.


I started going through my old email (a Herculean task) and managed to delete or move a bunch of messages in my inbox (A – F) that either I didn’t need or could store elsewhere. A number of years ago I had a tidy inbox, and was good about getting to all unread email each day. I foolishly changed my system one year, and started getting behind, and have never caught up since. If I ever get to the point that my inbox is empty I’ll have to make up some sort of victory jig and dance it. Of course, the electronic world being what it is, there will be new mail in my inbox by the time I’m done dancing.


Hey, they’re asleep! Yippy skippy, as my friend likes to say.



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