random brain contents

Sometimes I know what I’m going to write about, and I start with the title first. Many times, I have no idea what or how the post content is going to manifest, and so I just start writing and figure it out along the way as things swirl around in my brain and surface. Here are some things that are zipping and bumbling around in the grey matter right now (in no particular order):  Hazel LOVES her babysitter Bryan, and it was quite fun to see their combined work of art on the white board this evening; coming home to screaming twins is hard, but it doesn’t wrap my guts around my brain pan in the way it used to, which is good; the speech Lana Wachowski gave when she received the Human Rights Council Visibility award was inspiring; I really do love the Vaughan Williams Thomas Tallis piece we’re doing on this concert; and finally, for me, completely subjectively, there is nothing more wonderful, beautiful, incredible, and any other fabulous -ful adjective you can think of than my two babies. I absolutely love how unstudied, honest, and open babies are. When they laugh, it’s because they wanted to. When they cry, it’s because they needed to. Yes, they’re responding to input all the time, but still, they offer you their communication and themselves entirely for free, no strings attached. I am insanely lucky.

Lana tells of how accepting her parents were when she made her transition, and I want to take that as a role model. I want to remember every day to be glad that my children are alive, that I can hug them and tell them that I love them. Not that life is always milk and honey, of course, but love is a verb, and part of its essence is acceptance.


Tomorrow we’re taking the kids to a Halloween party. We’ll have a monkey, a pea pod, and a bear. It’s a party for families with multiples, so the cute factor will explode the roof off of the building, I am sure. It will be good to meet other parents of twins, triplets, etc. We haven’t done anything like that yet.

Tomorrow is also the dress rehearsal and the performance. Somehow there also needs to be time for practicing. And cooking. And cleaning, as we’re hosting friends for Halloween.


Sunday I think I’ll go to the hospital with my friend to visit his father. He loves babies, cats, and fart jokes. I’m not good at telling the latter, but perhaps I’ll bring a picture of the twins, just in case he wakes up enough to see it.


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