The logistics of activities with twins

Logistics are definitely becoming more complicated. I would love to get Hazel into swimming lessons this year. Figuring out how to do that while also attending to the twins’ nourishment needs is a bit challenging. Maybe in the new year. I’ve told her about snorkeling, and that we can’t do that together until she learns how to swim, so she’s pretty up for it. A good inducement. On the flip side, I’d love to get the twins into the water once they’re a bit older, but I can’t take them and Hazel to the pool with just me, or even with the nanny and me. We have to have one adult per kid. So, pool visits have necessarily slowed to almost nothing. We’ll figure it out. I am so glad that we can have a part-time nanny. Really, a couple part-time nannies who work different shifts. All of the people who are involved in caring for our children are wonderful. They help our whole family.

Mozartiana is running through my head. Very nice.

But now, the cries of the babies have started up. This is their current routine: I feed them for a while, they’re definitely not hungry; Ted changes their diapers and lies down with them. They cry. I go back and top them up. They sleep. It’s odd; I just finished feeding them 20 minutes ago. Ah well, here I go….


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